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Elisabeth & Jim Hamilton

Winter 2022


Buffini’s Market Predictions 2023

A Shift to Car-Free Cities | Tips for Selling Your Home in Winter

A Shift to Car-Free Cities

Canadians are increasingly embracing the benefits of cities with less cars - whether for eco/global warming reasons, or lifestyle reasons such as affordability and more walkable/accessible neighbourhoods. But what does this mean for the housing market?

  • Expect to see more public investments in mass transit, pedestrian and cycling infrastructure and a shift to 15 minute neighbourhoods, making urban locations more attractive to buyers.

  • Less cars means more space for houses relieving pressure on our housing supply.

  • Less NIMBYism as new development does not necessarily mean more roads, noise and congestion.

  • Less car infrastructure disconnects suburban access to some critical services. Expect to see pressure on extending mass transit to the suburban neighbourhoods.

CREA | www.bit.ly/3HQIQRZ

Tips for Selling Your Home in Winter

Selling your home in winter has the advantage of less competition and more attention from buyers. Here are a few tips to make the most of it: 

  • Landscaping - be sure to complete seasonal maintenance and remove any dead plants in the garden.

  • Clear your driveway and pathway and salt/sand to reduce risk of injury.

  • Remove external icicles as these can be a red flag for buyers indicating ice damns and heat loss.

  • Have winter-resistant furniture and rugs outside.

  • Clean the front entrance of muddy footprints and salt/dirt, and install suitable mats - you only get one chance at a first impression!

  • Create warm and inviting spaces - keep temperatures comfortable and if you have a fireplace, make sure it is on.

  • Complete any essential renovations to remove drafts, temperature differences and condensation on windows.

CREA | www.bit.ly/3HP20rt 

Buffini’s Market Predictions


As we wind down 2022 and get ready for 2023, I’ll be focusing our market update on the coming year based on Brian Buffini’s predictions. If you are looking for the latest on the Ottawa Real Estate market, you can get that in the Ottawa Real Estate Board’s November press release here: www.bit.ly/3PFwdLr

The first factor to consider for 2023 is that inventory continues to remain tight due to low housing supply and will continue to tighten as the government hopes to attract one million-plus immigrants over the next three years. This underlying factor is backstopping the Real Estate market, making it a strong long term investment and great hedge against inflation.

Interest rates are at a 10-year high with a 5-year fixed variable rate of 5.72% House prices have fallen by 8.5% in Ontario and 4.5% in Ottawa year-over-year. Additionally, stress tests put in place to protect the consumer are making it more difficult to purchase a home. All combined, the short term effect is that 44% of buyers have decided to put their purchase plans on hold. Given the long-term potential for the market, lower competition and cheaper prices, now is a great time to buy for those who can afford it. Brian Buffini’s motto for 2023 - buy and re-fi (i.e. buy now to take advantage of market conditions and refinance in 1-2 years as interest rates cool).

Sellers are also waiting to sell given the long-term market potential and short-term softening prices. Rising interest rates are causing some distress for owners with variable rate mortgages, so expect some houses to come on the market for those who cannot wait.

Expect 2023 to be a year of transition and opportunity!

A Note from Us

2022 has been a year of change and we enter 2023 with both optimism and uncertainty. It is in these times that we find it helpful to look beyond markets and material things to friends, family and that which truly endures. With this in mind, we wish you much love, peace, and wellness as you celebrate the holidays and look to 2023. 


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